Therapeutics by Flavio Ballerini, Ph.D.

Hospitality by Cristina Clavijo, M.D.


This document is for the sole use of the owners of the Orion Travels Premium Retreats and affiliates. No part of this manual may be reproduced or photographed. This manual is copyrighted by Dr. Flavio Ballerini.


1. Motivation

The affiliate program with Orion Travels is designed to offer those who are friendly to our cause and purpose an opportunity to earn extra income while offering their family, friends and others, the opportunity to participate in the finest healing experience available.

Orion Travels offers healing and manifestation retreats at special locations around the world at a premium level. Our retreats tend toward the luxury end of the scale in terms of amenities, food and accommodations.

Although we strive the provide a very comfortable and exquisite experience to our guests, the primary purpose of the retreat is not tourism, vacation, rest or relaxation. The primary purpose of our retreats is healing the past and manifesting the guests dreams and aspirations. As such, our retreats are transformational.

A good way to describe our retreats to potential guests is as an intense healing and manifestation experience, in style at a special location. We run our retreats at a premium level because we believe that spirituality and healing are best experienced and accomplished in great comfort. We also believe that each location in the world has a certain energy which favors certain therapeutic achievements. That is why we choose special locations to run each retreat experience.

Retreats are the best way to heal the past and manifest one’s dreams because, by definition, the guest is abstracted from their everyday circumstances, thus allowing for total immersion in the transformational process. This is why retreats are so effective as a transformational tool.

2. Monetary efficiency of retreats as a transformational tool

My experience suggests that it is possible to achieve as much transformation in a 7-day retreat as would be possible in six months of conventional weekly therapy.

Let us look at the costs involved in a typical therapeutic scenario:

25 sessions in six months

50-minute each session

$180 per session, typical rate

time involved in traveling to and from the therapist’s office, plus wait time, 3 hours per session

cost of transportation: $10 each way

Now consider a typical client in this scenario who earns $100k/year

40 hrs/week * 50 weeks/year = 2000 hrs/year

This person earns $50/hour

25 sessions * $180/session = $4500.00

75 hours * $50/hour = $3750.00

50 trips * $10/trip = $500

Total cost for six months of therapy = $8750.00

Because of the abstraction from everyday circumstances and total immersion in the process, plus the concentrated attention that is uninterrupted, a 7 or 8 day retreat may be enough to achieve the same result, potentially at a cost of $3k – $7K, with the average around $4500.00.

Retreats work as a transformational tool and they are more cost effective than the equivalent conventional therapeutic process.

2.1. Comparison with the cruise industry

According to the cruisemarketwatch.com website, the average 7-day cruise costs $1791.00, plus transportation to the departure port. Many cruisers reside at t the city where the departure port is, but those who do not may have to travel and spend a hotel night before the cruise. I guess on average (and this is just my guess) a typical 7-day cruise passenger may spend up to $500.00 before and after the cruise, as part of the cruise experience. This would bring the total cost of the cruise to $2291.00.

If we think of a Premium Retreat as a cruise plus the therapy, we have the following cost comparison:

7-day cruise:                           $2291

Therapeutic outcome:            $4500

One week of work:                 $2000

TOTAL:                                    $8791

This figure is very close to the estimated cost of therapy for in office sessions of $8750

If our Premium Retreats can deliver the same level of transformation for our clients that six months of in-office therapy could, then we have a huge cost advantage. Affiliates must understand this analysis when promoting our Premium Retreats.

Orion Travels is not selling travel, we offer personal transformation, in style, at selected special locations, for a smaller total investment than standard therapy.

3. Upcoming Premium Retreats

The most up-to-date information on upcoming retreats is to be found on www.oriontravels.net

4. Affiliate commissions

Because Orion Travels Premium Retreats offer such a unique opportunity to potential guests, and because of the depth of potential transformation guests are like to seek and experience, we use a 3-step approach to receive our guests into each retreat experience:

  1. The initial approach and setting the appointment for the coaching call. This generates the referral commission.
  2. The coaching call where it is determined whether the retreat is the right experience for the potential guest. When the prospect becomes a client by paying for the experience, this generates the booking commission.
  3. The concierge prepares the person for the retreat – all documentation, emergency contacts, instructions, and the breakfast meeting where all guests meet and mingle. At the pre-retreat breakfast meeting final instructions are given to all guests.

Note: Some guests may require coaching and hypnotherapy prior to attending a particular retreat. The Hypnotherapy & Coaching Center (HCC) offers retreat-preparation session packages. These specially priced session packages are only available for those who have booked a Retreat Experience. Here is one preparation package 

Steps 1 and 2 above can be done by affiliates. The concierge is a part of the Orion Travels team.

Affiliate commission are payable 30 days after each respective trip is completed.    

4.1. Referral commission

Each referring agent will be assigned a unique code. When a prospect uses the referring agent’s code, that prospect becomes tied to that referring agent.

We define “referring” as the successful participation in the coaching call leading up to the sale of the experience. The referring commission is payable when the referred prospect purchases and completes the experience.

The current referring commission rate is currently 4%

Volume referring will generate higher commission rates as bonuses, to be determined.

4.2. Booking Commission

In order to qualify for the booking commission, an affiliate must be licensed by Orion Travels to book retreat experiences. This process requires completion of a course and passing a test. Successful candidates will then be issued a certificate from Orion Travels authorizing them to book Premium Retreat experiences for their prospects.

The booking commission rate is currently 8%

Volume booking will generate higher commission rates as bonuses, to be determined.

5. Future opportunities

Orion Travels is gearing up to serve:

300 guests in 2021

500 guests in 2022

1000 guests in 2023

At an average of $5000 per Premium Retreat experience, we project revenue on the order of 5 million Dollars in three years.

Clearly, we are looking for ambitious partners who are eager to serve others and who are able to provide exceptional service to our guests. At Orion Travels, we are all seekers of more Light and Healing. We believe that the best way to attain more Light and Healing is by lovingly serving others.

6. How to earn commissions for referring prospects

The first step is to register with Orion Travels as an affiliate. If approved, you will be issued a unique code. Your prospects will want to use that code in their registrations because that will grant them a $100.00 savings in case they book one of the retreat experiences. 

You will promote the web site www.oriontravels.net to your prospects and instruct them to use the code you provide them in order to save $100.00 once, and if, they book. 

Your prospects will fill out the form at the bottom of the page at www.oriontravels.net, being sure to use the coupon code you provided them. The use of your unique coupon code will automatically tag that purchase for your referring commission. 


1. If a person enters their information at www.oriontravels.net and does NOT use your coupon code the first time, we CANNOT add it retroactively. One way to help your prospects and be sure to generate your commission is to help them fill out the form at www.oriontravels.net.

2. If an affiliate fills out the form at www.oriontravels.net without the authorization of the person in question the affiliate relationship will be terminated because that would put Orion Travels in the position of spamming.

3. Each prospect will only be able to use your coupon code ONCE. If you want to generate a new commission from a repeat Travel Experience from a prospect, you must obtain a new coupon code from Orion Travels. 



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You really can earn extra money while helping others

Being an affiliate is the easiest way to make money nowadays. There is no investment, and really very little to do. All you do is tell people you know about the opportunity to heal, meditate deeper, and create the life they really want to live.

You can also post articles in social media, and make sure that people know and use your coupon code. Your prospects will get a discount for using your coupon code, and you will earn the commission when they pay for the experience. Commissions are payable within 30 days of the terminus of each trip.

We at Orion Travels are looking to develop a relationship with you as an affiliate marketer.